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Australian South Sea Strands


Our South Sea Pearls are sourced from the world-renowned pristine waters off the north- western coast of Australia, where the clean oceanic conditions and strict regulatory structures, ensure that only the best quality of pearl is produced. The South Sea Pearls are created by the South Sea (pinctada maxima) Oyster, which has two varieties, the silver lipped and the gold-lipped. The silver lipped produces the white pearl with shades ranging from silver to pink and the gold-lipped produces the golden pearl in its varying hues. The South Sea Oyster is the most highly valued of the pearl producing species and produces the most sought after pearls.

South Sea pearls are renowned for their large sizes. The Pinctada maxima oyster is the largest species of oyster capable of producing a pearl. South Sea pearls are measured in millimetres and commonly range from 9- 20mm, with the majority falling within a range of 10 – 17mm. The irregularly shaped baroque pearl can sometimes reach sizes of up to 40mm or more.