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Australian South Sea Strands

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Prima Pearls focuses on the supply of some of the most beautiful Australian South Sea Pearls in the world for individual jewellery pieces.  Our South Sea Pearls are all purchased wholesale from the major global auctions through which all the best quality pearls are sold.  Our South Sea Pearls are grown and produced on the deep water farms in the waters off the north western coast of Western Australia.

All Prima Pearls are Oceanic Pearls.  None of our pearls are produced in fresh water and all of our pearls are natural and untreated.  The range of colours seen throughout are all naturally produced by the oyster.

Our supplies of South Sea individual pearls is extensive and we turn over stock very quickly.  For that reason individual pearls are not shown on the website.  When it comes to choosing your pearls we will show you a selection based on your individual requirements and budget.   We have access to a huge choice of pearls in all sizes and specifications.

Strands are our speciality – we have the knowledge and the range to source a particular strand according to each individual’s taste and budget.  We do not have a shop to stock and our business is highly personal with most new business coming from referral.  The quality of our pearls is extremely high and at the same time we are able to offer extremely good value for our clients.  We understand the significance in purchasing a quality strand and are here to help you make the right choices when it comes to making your investment.

Our jewellery collection is designed to help you with the ideas for your personal selection.  Costs will vary depending on lustre, size, shape, colour and complexion.