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Australian South Sea Strands


Keep your pearls clean by washing them regularly in mild soapy water and drying them carefully with a soft natural fibre cloth.

Hairspray, cosmetics, perfumes and pearls do not mix – it is best to put your pearls on after you have done your hair and make up.

Bathing, showering or playing sport in pearls is not recommended.

Harsh chemicals and abrasives will damage pearls – take care that your pearls are not scratched and never use chemicals to clean them.

While not being worn, pearls are best kept in a chamois, silk, cotton or velvet bag.

Annual strand restringing for longevity is a good idea as the silk can become worn, particularly with regular washing of the Pearls.  However the cost of re-stranding pearls is not significant and Prima Pearl can arrange this easily for you.

Strands should be strung on silk with a single knot between each pearl.  This will prevent loss of the strand, should it break and stops the pearls from rubbing against each other.