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Australian South Sea Strands

Our Story

our storyComing from a background in Pearl Farming, Michelle BIbby is truly passionate about oceanic pearls, understanding the journey taken from start to finish in cultivating top quality pearls in the pristine waters of the best pearl sites in the world.  Prima Pearls was founded in 2006 to fulfil a demand for top quality Australian South Sea Pearl Strands, Tahitian Pearl Strands and Japanese Akoya Pearl Strands, from a trusted local supplier that can offer exceptional personal service.

Michelle Bibby started her specialist business as a result of initial requests from friends for quality pearl strands and jewellery with an individual bias.  The business grew in the specialist field of offering loose pearls and strands to be made up according to individual preference.  A carefully built stand will speak for itself as far as its inherent beauty is concerned, an individual touch can be added with a personal choice of clasp and inclusion of a specific jewel.  Prima Pearls looks after all their own stranding and jewellery making through partnerships with skilled and experienced professionals.

As specialists in the supply of only the best quality pearls, Prima Pearls will not compromise quality for price.  The construction of all jewellery pieces includes the use of the best quality materials.  Most of our settings are in 18 carat gold.  Individual designs are constructed by quality craftsman to ensure that every piece of jewellery  provides a lifetime investment.

All our pearls are produced naturally using traditional methods enhanced by state of the art equipment.  The pearl farming business in Australia, where our South Sea Pearls are cultivated, is very carefully regulated and sets the bar worldwide as far as best pearl farming practices are concerned.  The South Sea Pearls produced in Australia are of the most exceptional quality and the most highly prized worldwide.

Genuine Top Quality Tahitian Pearls are in high demand globally and Michelle Bibby from Prima Pearls is proud to provide strands of impeccable quality and diversity.  Equally their Japanese Akoya Pearls are sourced from Japan, where the quality is highest and the pearls are produced naturally.

One of the most highly prized virtues of the pearl is its lustre, lustre is the refraction of light on the pearl and is directly related to the quality of the nacre.  If the nacre is laid evenly by the oyster during the process of cultivation, as it lays down the coats of nacre required to build the pearl, then the lustre of the pearl will be enhanced.  As a result of careful and measured farming processes, good quality pearls will retain their lustre and inherent beauty for a lifetime.