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We have access to a huge supply of genuine Tahitian Pearl Strands.  These pearls are all bought at one of the international auctions which take place several times a year.  All our Tahitian Pearls have been grown and harvested naturally in French Polynesia.  All the pearls are produced in deep oceanic waters some 25 k+ offshore and none of the pearls are treated to alter or enhance the natural colour.  These pearls are carefully selected and matched to build beautiful top quality strands which will last through generations.  The pearls all display a high quality nacre which has been laid down by the oyster during production which can take between 2 – 3 years.  The pearls are sold by weight at auction and the strands are built over time through selection of matching pearls.  These complementing pearls, which have been selected by way of colour, shape, size, lustre and surface are individually drilled and hand knotted on double stranded silk to produce our beautiful and unique Tahitian Pearl Strands.