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  • South Sea Pearl Bracelet
    South Sea Pearl Bracelet 
    Price - $ 2600.00
  • Tahitian Pearl Bracelet
    Tahitian Pearl Bracelet 
    Price - $ 1730.00

Category Description

A pearl bracelet is a very personal piece of jewellery and as with a strand you can select the size and type of pearl according to your personal taste.  We have some examples of pearl bracelets for you to look at and would encourage you to contact us to discuss specific requirements.  A pearls bracelet can be a simple line of complementary pearls hand knotted on double silk strand similarly to a pearl necklace, or something a little more elaborate can be designed and produced by our jeweller if that is what you want.

Beautiful South Sea pearl bracelets and Tahitian pearl bracelets can be worn as an individual piece or equally matched with a complementing strand.  With a huge supply of pearls at our fingertips we can usually help in designing and producing a bracelet just for you.