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Australian South Sea Strands


The Tahitian Pearls are produced by the Black- lipped (pinctada margaritifera) Oyster and are cultivated throughout French Polynesia, as far east as the Gambier Islands and west into the Micronesian Islands.

Tahitian Pearl production started in the 1960’s following the near extinction of the Tahitian Pearl Shell, which was hunted purely for the beauty of the shell.  Australia, the Seychelles and Vietnam have all produced black pearls, but these are not to be confused with Tahitian Pearls.

The Pearls produced are particularly beautiful and rare.  The oyster is large, sometimes measuring as much as 12 inches across with some weighing up to ten pounds.  Pearls range in colour from various shades of grey, silver, charcoal, blues, coppers and greens.  The natural beauty of these pearls is the result of the quality of oyster – none of our pearls are artificially treated to obtain these wide ranging variances in colour.