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Australian South Sea Strands

Why Prima Pearls?

Rare and Beautiful

Both the value and authenticity of all Prima Pearls are guaranteed as they have been cultivated to the strictest world standards. You can be assured when you buy AAA grade pearls from Prima Pearls they are of superb quality and will last for a lifetime.

Both the South Sea and Tahitian pearling industries are heavily regulated with quotas applied to quantities. On top of this the oceanic pearl farming, particularly in Australia where farms are situated in remote crocodile infested areas, has many natural barriers to increased production. Natural increases in cost, coupled with inflation will mean that the value of quality pearls will only increase.

Jewellery of high quality that is particularly rare will retain its value, just as a good strand of pearls will retain their lustre for many, many years. The acquisition of a beautiful quality pearl stand is something to be treasured and passed to your daughters and granddaughters

Specialist Service

Prima Pearls focuses on the supply of top quality pearls, leaving the choice of individual designs to you –

  • Look through our extensive selection of Pearls online, using the finished jewellery examples to get some ideas – if you see something finished that you love –contact us as all our finished pieces can be purchased.
  • Browse the available settings to see how you might want to set your pearls
  • If you prefer a one off design, or have something in mind – talk to Prima Pearls. They will assist with advice and suggestions and have skilled jewellers who will make up your individual piece.
  • Once you have made your choice Prima Pearls will organise for your individual jewellery to be made up and delivered.

Everlasting Value

Without the overheads involved with running retail stores and producing jewellery lines, Prima Pearls delivers only the best quality pearls at a price that reflects value. Our 100% Guarantee stands as testimony to this. Prima Pearls can deliver to you –

  • Lustrous Australian South Sea Strands from $4,000
  • Stunning Tahitian Pearl Strands from $3,000
  • Quality Japanese Akoya Strands from $1,000

Outstanding Customer Service

Prima Pearls are well known for their attention to detail –

  • Complimentary delivery throughout Australia
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee on purchases unseen
  •  Exquisite packaging, detailed certification documentation, instructions on care and even a beautiful soft pouch as an alternative to your box while your pearls are not being worn.
  • When the time comes to re- strand your pearls, Prima Pearls provides the service. They will keep in touch and ensure that your pearls are re-stranded with the proper care and attention and that they are safe throughout this process.
  •  Loyalty Programme for existing clients of Prima Pearls. Clients who have purchased jewellery from Prima Pearls are entitled to a Gift Certificate to the value of $50 for every $1,000 spent with Prima Pearls.