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Australian South Sea Strands


Any Pearl or Jewellery Piece that is purchased from Prima Pearls without your having first actually seen the piece – ie something that has been purchased through our website and delivered to you unseen comes with an automatic right of return within seven working days.  Provided you return the pearls or jewellery undamaged Prima Pearls will refund your money 100% to you.

All Prima pearls are guaranteed as authentic.  We guarantee that the price of our pearls and pearl jewellery will always fall within the retail value given by a valuation specialist as certified by the GIA or any internationally recognised alternative.

If any jewellery piece or pearl purchased from us is shown to value less than you paid for that item, we will happily refund your money on return of the piece as purchased.

At Prima Pearls we want to be sure that all our customers are satisfied with their pearls and our interest is in building long lasting relationships in the knowledge that our reputation is solid.